In creation process SP “Studio Mitkus” coherently follows the values and work principles that hopefully will be soon appreciate by our clients and partners. Our mission and the highest priority – provide the highest level visual solutions and traditional animation production services in Lithuania. In our everyday professional atmosphere we follow universal values and work principals of the West that stimulates us constantly improve the quality of production services and surpass all our clients and partners expectations.

Follow the highest professional standards. Studio priority – provide only with the highest level services. Studio employees are constantly improving their professional skills and competences not only in Lithuania but also abroad to get the ultimate results for the client.

Efficiency and orientation to the client. We understand that creative solutions firstly have to serve the interests of our clients and partners not only to be the platform of creative solutions. This is the reason why solutions and production process our Studio offered always seeking the best benefit to our client.

Innovative attitude. Segments of creative industries constantly have to renew radically because new and more effective solutions of administration and production are invented all around the globe. SP “Studio Mitkus” not only accurately follows the innovations and invests its time and money to introduce with the newest creative and technological solutions but also actively participates in scientific activities and publishes the researches in academic press and conferences.

Integrity and professional ethics. We respect all our clients and partners and are always fair with them in all aspects. SP “Studio Mitkus” uses only legal software and follows the highest principals of professional ethics in everyday professional activities.

Team work and partnership. We think that only working as a team we can achieve our clients (and ours) expectations, so we are trying to create professional but informal and friendly working environment not only inside the studio but also in communication with clients and partners.

2012 m. SP “Studio Mitkus” was established by two young and ambitious people – Tomas Mitkus and Vaida Nedzinskaite. Tomas is university lecturer delivering lectures to Creative industries students, also an animator who studied in UK and had one year internship in USA. Vaida is a young lawyer and university lecture delivering lectures of Copyright subject. SP „Studio Mitkus“ was established to provide the highest Western standards visual solutions and traditional animation services in Lithuania. Services are orientated not to authors’ art but clients who seek the best implementation of their commercial, educational or artistic projects.

SP “Studio Mitkus” activities of 2012: November 12th. SB „Studio Mitkus“ was established. November 12-14th. Participation in “Cartoon Finance” seminar in Dublin, Ireland. November. Feature film “Valentinas Vienas”. November. Course book “Fundamentals of Law” are published. Vaida Nedzinskaite is one of the co-authors. November-December. Development stage of international Lithuanian-Georgian feature animation “Dominic in Love”.

SP “Studio Mitkus” activities of 2013: January 25th. SP “Studio Mitkus” gained resident status of Audiovisual Arts Industry Incubator.

Tomas Mitkus – co-founder and Art Director of SP „Studio Mitkus“. He took Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees of Animation in United Kingdom. Created storyboards for epic Lithuanian feature film “Tadas Blinda. Beginning” also spent an year practicing as animator in game company „Schell Games“ in United States of America. Now delivers lectures of Cinematography and Animation in Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.

Vaida Nedzinskaitė-Mitkė – co-founder, CEO and in-house lawyer of SP „Studio Mitkus“. She took Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees of Law in Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania. Was the member of European Law Students Association (ELSA) national board, now the member of ELSA Alumni. Also delivers lectures of Copyright and Fundamentals of Law in Vilnius Gediminas Technical University.

Feature film “Valentinas Vienas“, 2013, Lithuania. Directors: Simonas AŠKELAVIČIUS, Edita KABARAITĖ, Ričardas MARCINKUS & Donatas ULVYDAS. Producers: Žilvinas NAUJOKAS & Donatas ULVYDAS. Client: VšĮ TAURAS KINO NAMAI. SP “Studio Mitkus” created movie logo and designed all the posters.

Feature animation “Dominic in Love” (development), 2015, Georgia, Lithuania. Directors: Mariam KANDELAKI ir Rati NASEISHVILI. Producers: Gela KANDELAKI ir Laura ANLMANTAITĖ. Client: VšĮ A PROPOS. SP „Studio Mitkus“ created conceptual poster design, concept key scenes and color script of 4 minutes trailer.